Your career in the Fitness sector

The fitness industry is growing fast, with over 6000 centres across the UK now employing personal trainers and instructors. The rise of exercise blogs and social media personalities means that getting in shape has never been more popular.

Main RQF Fitness Courses

The Level 3 Diploma in Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructing (RQF) will give you the skills you need to find work in a variety of settings. This qualification will consider the range of tools required to be a successful fitness instructor or personal trainer. You’ll learn to advise on nutrition, put together fitness plans and motivate clients. Find out how to follow health and safety guidelines as you deliver effective support and guidance.

Units explore anatomy and physiology topics, giving you a broad base of knowledge. You’ll discover how to give instruction in a gym environment and how to deliver personal training sessions. Develop the confidence to interact with people of all ages and put together classes that suit a range of abilities. Working in fitness requires more than just practical knowledge. You’ll need the communication skills to encourage clients who are struggling and share their goals. Coaching people and watching them transform their physiques is incredibly rewarding.

This flexible course enables you to prepare for a new career, without giving up your job. Choose between two study pathways, with the option to fast-track your training by working through modules at home. Once the course is complete, you could start work in a gym, hotel, spa or health club. You can also take the opportunity to become self-employed, offering private sessions at between £20 and £40 an hour.

A selection of the Career Partners we can connect you with:

Close relationships with our corporate partners usually enables us to secure interviews for you during your training.

Not only that . .

Your course contains several carefully researched units that will make you an ideal candidate. Add this to an industry approved qualification and the job’s as good as yours

Main RQF Fitness Courses

CPD Fitness courses

Career Professional Development (CPD) Courses

CPD courses provide more specialist treatment know how, which you can become qualified to practice, to extend your skill set, after your RQF qualification.

Free CPD+ Courses

Our free CPD + library of courses can be studied from home and are only available when you are on a Stonebridge College Careers Training RQF course.