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Health and Social Care

Caring for People with Learning Disabilities Learn Online

We have a greater understanding than ever before of learning disabilities. There is now a focus on integration and support, helping individuals who struggle with everyday tasks to live as independently as possible. A learning disability can make it difficult to socialise, learn new skills and find work. Advances in technology mean that more people can now live at home, creating a demand for carers trained to encourage continual development.

This qualification will help you to build the knowledge base you need to provide care to children and adults who have a range of different abilities. You’ll learn more about the ways in which support services in the UK have developed over time. Units will explore how carers can use teaching skills, advise families and manage challenging behaviour.

You’ll study this course through distance learning, which offers complete flexibility. Work from home, when it suits you. Once you’ve finished your qualification, you can use your new skills to access a variety of career paths in health and social care.


  • Unit 1 - The social dimension of learning disability
  • Unit 2 - The history and development of services for people with a learning disability
  • Unit 3 - Normalisation
  • Unit 4 - Teaching skills
  • Unit 5 - Sexuality
  • Unit 6 - Management of challenging behaviour

Social Care with Children and Families Learn Online

Working with families and children is one of the most rewarding roles in health and social care. It also takes patience and skill to be effective and build a successful career. You’ll need to have a knowledge base that covers family life in all its forms. Social care workers often come up against obstacles when working with family groups, so it’s important to prepare for this.

You’ll put social work into context and find out more about its history. This qualification will explore different family structures and the procedures that need to be followed when supporting people of all ages. The Social Care with Children and Families Diploma will give you the confidence to approach a variety of social situations. Discover how to interact with adults and communicate directly with children.

As a social care worker, you’ll have the responsibility of providing protection for children and thinking about their welfare. The course will also train you to work with family groups through difficult transition periods such as divorce.

Study by distance learning and put together a programme which works for you. Learn from home, with the support of a personal tutor via phone, email and Skype throughout.


  • Unit 1 - The social and political context of social work with children and families
  • Unit 2 - Principles of social work with children and families
  • Unit 3 - The process of social work with children and families
  • Unit 4 - Direct work with children and young people in the family
  • Unit 5 - Working with adults in the family
  • Unit 6 - Working with the family as a group
  • Unit 7 - Immediate protection of the child
  • Unit 8 - Protecting children 2: ensuring the child's future welfare
  • Unit 9 - Working with children being looked after by the local authority
  • Unit 10 - Social work with families through transitions, loss and gain
  • Unit 11 - Children and families and special needs
  • Unit 12 - Empowerment and partnership in work with children and families

DiabetesLearn Online

This comprehensive course provides an understanding of diabetes and issues surrounding care. You’ll find out more about the pathophysiology of diabetes and treatment options. This qualification is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of this common condition and support individuals who are suffering from it. The course will give you an insight into how symptoms of the disease can be treated in people of different ages. You’ll also discover how to follow standards for care in a variety of settings.

Once the course is complete, you’ll have the skills to evaluate strategies for encouraging patients to take charge of their own care. The programme will also deliver in-depth information on complications connected to diabetes and how to increase awareness of the condition.

Complete the course through distance learning, giving you the flexibility to train while you keep your job. You can go on to specialise in diabetes care or add to your existing skills to support your professional development in health and social care.


  • Unit 1 - The nature and pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus
  • Unit 2 - An introduction to the National Service Framework for Diabetes
  • Unit 3 - Standards 1 & 2: prevention of type 2 diabetes and identification of people with diabetes
  • Unit 4 - Standard 4: clinical care of adults with diabetes mellitus
  • Unit 5 - Standards 5 and 6: clinical care of children and young people with diabetes mellitus
  • Unit 6 - Standard 7: management of diabetic emergencies
  • Unit 7 - Standard 3: empowering people with diabetes
  • Unit 8 - Standard 8: care of people with diabetes during admission to hospital
  • Unit 9 - Standard 9: diabetes and pregnancy
  • Unit 10 - Standards 10 and 11, part 1: detection and management of long-term complications - diabetic retinopathy and renal nephropathy
  • Unit 11 - Standards 10 and 11, part 2: detection and management of long-term complications - lower limb and cardiovascular complications
  • Unit 12 - Multi-professional and multi-agency management of the diabetes service


Sports Psychology Learn Online

Experts in the sports industry have spent many years investigating what gives some athletes a competitive advantage. Many sportspeople now use psychology to prepare for events and overcome mental obstacles. Coaches also play a key role in training. The support, advice and encouragement they offer is often an essential factor in a client’s victory.

Sports psychologists work with both individuals and teams to improve their performance. This qualification is designed to benefit coaches and sportspeople, by suggesting a formula for success. Combining mind exercises with case studies, the course provides the information you need to advise clients.

You’ll study a range of modules which consider factors that can affect performance, including environment and experience level. Develop the skills to motivate a client, encourage them to learn from defeat and help them to handle pressure. Units will also explore physical problems such as muscle fatigue and how to identify signs of injury.

Study through distance learning and build the knowledge base to start a career as a sports psychologist. With our flexible course, you can design your own schedule and complete units from home, supported by a personal tutor.


  • Unit 1 - Mind, body and soul
  • Unit 2 - Self-belief and self-doubt
  • Unit 3 - Sport, playing at games and in competition
  • Unit 4 - Motivational techniques
  • Unit 5 - Focusing in and psyching out
  • Unit 6 - The big picture?
  • Unit 7 - Why me?
  • Unit 8 - Winning is everything!
  • Unit 9 - Mind winning ways
  • Unit 10 - Evaluating performance

Pilates Trainer ProfessionalLearn Online

Joseph Pilates developed his exercise regime to connect the body and mind. The Pilates system is designed to improve posture, increase endurance and create a sense of wellbeing. A favourite of gymnasts, dancers and Hollywood stars, it helps participants to build core strength.

This course will train you to become a professional Pilates instructor. Learn how to lead classes and teach complete body conditioning routines. You can work towards a new career from home, without giving up your job. Adding a Pilates qualification to your CV will expand your opportunities in the fitness industry or help you to set up your own business.

A range of units explore the history of Pilates and its benefits. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to integrate over 100 exercises into your classes. The course provides an insight into the physical effects of Pilates, with modules covering basic anatomy and techniques for avoiding injury. Learn how to tailor routines to be safe for older people and pregnant women. The programme will also give you the skills to find clients and control your classes.


  • Unit 1 - Developing yourself as a Pilates trainer
  • Unit 2 - The history of Pilates
  • Unit 3 - The benefits of Pilates
  • Unit 4 - How it works - mind, body and spirit
  • Unit 5 - The eight principles of Pilates
  • Unit 6 - Modern health issues
  • Unit 7 - Basic anatomy
  • Unit 8 - Pilates alignment
  • Unit 9 - Preventing injury
  • Unit 10 - Controlling a class
  • Unit 11 - Pilates in pregnancy
  • Unit 12 - Pilates for the older adult
  • Unit 13 - Pilates on the ball
  • Unit 14 - Pilates with the magic circle
  • Unit 15 - Relaxation and imagery


Beauty Salon Management Professional Learn Online

The beauty sector is worth £17 billion in the UK and continues to grow. Despite the demand for beauty treatments, most new businesses fail within the first year. Find out how to run a successful salon with a course that explores best practice. The Beauty Salon Management Professional Diploma has been developed with the support of high profile figures in the industry, who have first-hand experience of managing and running a business.

The course considers what it takes to lead both large and small companies, including effective management techniques and knowledge of enterprise. You’ll build the skills to improve the performance of a salon business, giving you the confidence to start or grow your own company. Course content uses National Occupational Standards from SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative), HABIA (Hair and Beauty Industry Association) and MSC (Management Standards Centre), to provide the tools you need to set up a salon.

Study this distance learning qualification from home, to fit around your schedule. Train with the support of a personal tutor, there to help via phone, email and Skype.


  • Unit 1 - Effective salon management, business ideas and health & safety
  • Unit 2 - Customer focus and marketing (stage 1)
  • Unit 3 - Customer marketing and managing the business (stage 2)
  • Unit 4 - Finance for salon management - planning and use of resources
  • Unit 5 - Finance for salon management - financial control and cash flow
  • Unit 6 - People management
  • Unit 7 - People management
  • Unit 8 - Customer focus and marketing and customer management - winning and keeping customers
  • Unit 9 - Salon retail management and customer satisfaction
  • Unit 10 - Putting it all together - business plan and final assessment

Nail Art and Design Learn Online

Gel nails are the solution to chipped nail polish that the beauty industry has been looking for. Unlike acrylic polishes, nail gel is set under a UV or LED lamp, providing a flawless finish for up to three weeks. This relatively new procedure is already in high demand, so skills in nail art can help you to capture your share of the beauty market.

The Nail Art and Design Diploma is a practical course that provides a step-by-step guide to applying nail gel and adding designs. Find out how to draw delicate patterns with a gel art striper brush, before the nail is set. The course will also give you an introduction to the anatomy of the hand and how to follow health and safety procedures as you work with clients.

This qualification will give you the knowledge you need to be successful as a nail technician. Learn how to put people at ease during a consultation and how communication can keep clients coming back. You’ll also take a module on marketing techniques, so you’re ready to hit the ground running when you start your own business.

Studying through distance learning will give you the flexibility to train for a new career, while you keep working. You’ll benefit from the support of a personal tutor, who will give you advice and encouragement throughout the course.


  • Unit 1 - Anatomy and physiology of the hands
  • Unit 2 - Client consultation and communication
  • Unit 3 - Gel art and design procedure 1
  • Unit 4 - Gel art and design procedure 2
  • Unit 5 - Health and hygiene
  • Unit 6 - Marketing and starting your own salon/nail business

Nail Technician ProfessionalLearn Online

Many women see nail treatments as an affordable luxury. The rise of tutorial videos on social media channels has only increased the popularity of nail art. Take the opportunity to find your niche in the beauty industry.

This course has been designed to provide the knowledge and skills you need to start a career as a qualified nail technician. The flexible distance learning programme allows you to study from home, without giving up your job. Once the course is complete, you can take out professional indemnity insurance, enabling you to work in a salon, nail bar or from home.

Combining units on acrylic and gel nails with manicure training, the Nail Technician Professional Diploma will give you the confidence to offer a complete range of services. The course contains step-by-step guidance on how to prepare the nail and apply products. You’ll also discover how to advise clients on nail maintenance and how to repair a damaged nail.

As a nail technician, you’ll be working with clients of all ages. You need to understand the structure of skin and nails, which will help you to identify any disorders. The course will also train you to follow health and safety requirements, to avoid the risk of infection.


  • Unit 1 - Nail enhancement systems and health & safety
  • Unit 2 - Becoming a nail technician
  • Unit 3 - Anatomy and physiology
  • Unit 4 - Nail disorders and shapes
  • Unit 5 - Manicure
  • Unit 6 - Starting on tips
  • Unit 7 - Application of liquid and powder
  • Unit 8 - Infills and maintenance
  • Unit 9 - Application of gel
  • Unit 10 - Gel infills and maintenance
  • Unit 11 - Troubleshooting

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