The essential technology skills required by hospitality employees in 2017

Posted 27 June 2017

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Modern customers are more demanding than ever.  They want real-time interaction and quick response to their enquiries. They basically want the answers now, without much effort and zero waiting time. 

And if employees are failing to deliver top-quality service, their customers will be quick to give harsh feedback online.

To deliver that top quality service, hospitality workers have to keep pace with these rapidly changing customer demands, and know how to use all the modern technologies commonly found in their day-to-day jobs.

Online ordering

It’s essential to allow your customers to order online.

This could be hotel bookings, takeaway orders, or increasingly, restaurant food orders before the customers have even arrived at the venue.

From loyalty cards to apps

Loyalty cards are rapidly being replaced by apps, customers no longer need to carry hundreds of cards with them anymore – increasingly the likelihood of a loyalty member transaction.

Customer feedback

Customers often to check reviews on social media before they choose where to eat or to go out. They are also happy to share their experience and give feedback online. It’s extremely important to use technology to maximize engagement and encourage customer feedback. 

Personalized marketing solutions

Customer data is extremely powerful and it helps to the business owners to segment the market and tailor promotions to the customers’ needs. Personalised messages make the customers feel special and it is more likely that they will become repeat customers.

Keep an eye on new technologies

The growing use of smartphones, wearables and smart TVs constantly add to the marketing possibilities.  Will our food be delivered by a drone or a robot in the future? It is quite possible as these devices are already being tested to make food delivery quicker and more cost-effective.

If you work in hospitality, keep this in mind: you need to be up to date with advances in technology, and constantly learning, or you might be replaced by someone with better skills, or worse, by a machine!

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