How to become a supervisor in the hospitality sector

Posted 27 June 2017

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Are you passionate about providing exceptional customer experience? Do you work in a bar/hotel/restaurant, but want to progress with your career? Do you have great time management and decision-making skills? Then keep reading… because this article might just change your future.


Working in hospitality, you probably have some idea about what your supervisor/line manager does. Yes, they are supervising and guiding you through your daily routine and they are always there when you are in trouble to straighten things out for you. No matter if it’s a grumpy colleague or an angry customer they are there. Or at least they should be.

But that is not everything. They do pretty important tasks ‘behind the scenes’ as well. They monitor the quality of food and drinks and they also managing stock levels and promoting up-selling. They are involved in health and safety issues and manage staffing levels.

Two days of a hospitality supervisor are never the same. The responsibilities can differ from exactly where they are working, for example: bar, hotel or restaurant.

But one thing is the same: keep the customers satisfied and happy.


It’s a difficult question as it is very much dependent on your experience in the industry and the place you are working at. Salaries are vary from £15K up to £35K* per year, but the industry gives you amazing perks such as tips from the customers, free meals or discounted drinks.



Working as a restaurant supervisor or a bar manager is definitely not for everybody. But the fact that you are reading this article is a great start towards becoming one.

Firstly you need some interest and motivation and the rest will fall into place naturally. If you don’t have all the skills below, don’t be disheartened as here at learndirect Careers we will help you to improve on things and make sure that you are ready for this rewarding career.

  • Leadership skills: You will have to motivate and manage the staff and make the difficult decisions instead of them.
  • Customer services skills: This is probably one of the most important one from this list. You need to be able to identify customers’ needs and resolve their issues before they become problems. You also have to proactively look for improvements on how to make the customer experience even better.
  • Time-management: As you will be dealing with customers, staff, and in the meantime completing other essential tasks, time management will help you through your busy days.
  • Decision-making: In this fast-paced environment, it is important to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively.


Working in the hospitality industry, you have been probably wondering how to become a supervisor or manager. Better pay prospects and a more rewarding job role is probably appealing to everybody, but you need to gain experience and knowledge to climb the ladder.

You might have the right mindset and skills for the job, but completing a training course would give you all the essential techniques and know-hows which would make it easy to fulfill the requirements. Completing a course with learndirect Careers would also show your enthusiasm towards your employer/future employer.

Learning with us means that you can carry on working and do the course on your own pace whenever and wherever is convenient for you. Our flexible funding options mean that everybody has got a chance to learn.

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