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Posted 16 November 2017

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When you were a child, adults often asked you: What do you want to be when you grow up? And you’ve probably replied: A firefighter! An astronaut! A make-up artist or even a pop-icon!

As you were growing up those dreams started fading away, the confusion and uncertainty of becoming an adult made you choose a well-paying job, or just any job to make you get by… It’s really difficult to make a career decision when you are young.

You still remember the first days when you started your current job: you were enthusiastic and your most favourite phrase was: “go team”. You loved your workmates, respected your boss and you thought that it will be fun. And it was. For 2 weeks (or 3 months if you are lucky).

As weeks turned into months you’ve found yourself realizing that the job started to seem unbearable, you worked much slower than used to and you couldn’t wait to finish your duties and go home.

Just as admitting your relationship is over, acknowledging the truth about your job might be difficult and painful. But it’s OK. Don’t be ashamed of ‘wasting time’ somewhere you don’t really belong, as life is about learning and experiences.  As we were told in bedtime stories aplenty, you’ll kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince/princess.

When you are ready for a break-up with your current role, start looking for a job which is a better fit for you.  Here at learndirect Careers, we provide online training programs* with 3 years of careers support, so you have everything that you need to kick-start your journey towards your dream role.

·        Are you a real people person with a passion for helping others?  - Start a new career as a Healthcare Professional or a Counsellor.

·        Would you like a meaningful job where you can shape future generations? Why not become a Teaching Assistant?

·        Would you prefer working in the fast-paced IT industry with a chance to work remotely? Then do a Level 3 Diploma in Web Development and Design and let us help you to find a job you’d be passionate about

·        Do you like to hit the gym few times a week and would love for that to be your future instead of sitting in an office? Use your ambition and become a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer

·        Are you a creative individual who loves a good chat and giving away beauty tips? Consider becoming a Beauty Therapist

Whatever your dream job may be, don’t be afraid of making a change. Remember: you spend 50% of your total waking hours at work during any given working day… so it’s essential for a happy life to enjoy what you’re doing during those hours.

Now a career change is even easier as we are offering an exceptional discount on our courses.  

If you would like to find out more about our courses and the 3 years career support that we’re offering to all of our students it is a perfect time to get in touch**.  Let’s have a chat to find out if an online training program would be a right fit for your future plans! 

CALL US ON: 01202006333  quote BLACKFRIDAYDEAL  and SAVE on your future career. You can also email us if you have a question:

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*some of our courses include classroom-based learning

**3 years career support doesn’t apply to Counselling courses