Career Partner Spotlight: ApplauseIT rectuitment

Posted 30 October 2017

Blog tags: Web Design and Development

The IT industry is continuously growing and there is no doubt that there will always be a need for IT professionals. But what makes a Web Developer or Designer stand out from the crowd? What could our students expect when they are finishing their course?

We had a chat with Alex Pitts, a Senior IT recruitment consultant with the hope of finding answers to these questions. Alex works for one of our career partners: ApplauseIT. They are amongst the best IT recruitment specialists in the UK and are keen to help our enthusiastic Web Design and Development students find work, once they have finished their Level 3 course.

What personality traits do you look for in an ideal Web Development candidate? 

It all depends on the company we are recruiting for and the working environment/ culture they have created. This is often informed by the type of company they are e.g. a financial services company may look a vastly different candidate to a creative agency, despite the candidate having largely the same skill set on paper. As a recruiter, we always look for a positive attitude towards the application process; a willingness to research the company, the role and its responsibilities; the enthusiasm to ask questions; the honesty to provide us with accurate feedback, so that we can do our jobs to the best of our ability. 

What are the entry-level salaries in the industry?

These differ depending on the area of I.T and the geography of the company; for a qualified graduates average started salaries across most disciplines and areas fall into the £20,000- £30,000 bracket.

What are the benefits of finding a job through Applause IT recruitment?

Applause IT has candidate experience at the heart of everything we do. We 1:1 with our candidates to help the process be as efficient and effective as possible. Your consultants will be a specialist in your skillset and region so that we can find a job that fits you perfectly. We work with talented and cutting-edge companies across the UK. We know the tech we’re talking about and don’t waste anyone’s time.

 The Tech side of the IT industry is still dominated by men. What would you say to encourage the girls and women who are considering starting a career as in Web Development?

Go for it! More than ever this is a changing landscape and there are so many organisations, groups and movements to empower women in technology. There’s also a big boom in coding academies for younger girls such Liverpool Girl Geeks campaign in Liverpool. With the skills shortage we’re currently facing, we hope that, more than ever, people from all backgrounds consider tech as a career option.  

What makes the IT sector appealing to the people who are looking to start a new career?

Due to the ever-evolving nature of technology, you’ll always be learning in any career in the IT sector! It’s fast-paced and gives you the chance to work in multiple areas, disciplines and environments. Nearly all companies will need an IT team, so the chance to work with forward-thinking products with industry leaders is really exciting.  It’s also a candidate’s market; if you’re good at what you do there’ll be a company that needs your skills.

How easy/difficult is to find a job with a Level 3 Web Design and Development (RQF) Certificate?

Web Design and Development comes down to demonstrating your ability. Make sure you have a way of showcasing your code and design skills. This is the best way to apply the knowledge you have learned on the course and will count for more than a written CV in this industry 9 times out of 10!

Interested in a Level 3 Web Design and Development RQF course? Would you like to interview with Alex or someone else from ApplauseIT? Get in touch to find out more about our courses on: 01202 006321 or send an email to